Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Love for Lotta

I love the Lotta Kuhlhom fabrics in Ikea at the moment. I scanned this one in to show you.
I must stock up before they sell out.
I also dug out merryns old dress today. I made it when she was born and to my delight it now fits her as a cute top. I'm so rubbish at throwing things out I even have trouble parting with some of the things I make for the shops.
What a donut, I am destined to never make any descent money if I cant even part with the stock

Monday, 12 July 2010

Lizard and frogs

I saw this and thought it was so brill it deserved a mention on my blog. It is such a random picture has nothing to do with the lizard or frogs but it is just genius, don't you think.
A crochet car, I want one.

Anyway.........................We have just come back from a short break in the lizard, Cornwall.
With two young kids in tow, holidays are some what different.
You have to keep on the go to ware them out, so we got to explore this beautiful part of Cornwall inside and out. Came back exhausted, but sad to leave.
When we got back I was so excited to find out the tadpoles in our pond had become tiny frogs and i just had to take this photo.
They are tiny but perfect in every way, how cute.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A bit of art this month

I have been back on the drawing this month and have come up with a few new designs for my art cards for the shops.
Here is a sample of my favourites. They are a work in progress so need a bit of a tweak.

I'm desperate to get some new art on my living room walls as well but when this will happen know one knows.
My brushes are a bit crusty from lack of use and computers are so much quicker
How lazy do I sound.