Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hurlers Horses And Owls

We spent the day on Bodmin moor to see the hurlers and the cheese rings.
It was blinking cold but the winter sun was worth it. the wild horses are so tame and we got really close its such a dream like place.
Barren wild and full of history, the hurlers is a ring of ancient stones and ruined mines sitting next to ancient tombs. it had a spooky calm round the stones and when you stand in the middle of the circle its like you are being judged or something, you feel eyes on you and all the horses seem to stand still and stare.
Its there land up here and you are intruding no one around not even cars.

I finished some projects this month too.
An owl for a friends baby with a squeaker in one wing and a bell in the other to hang from a pram or cot.

And a purse for myself which I was quite pleased with. I'm still a bit hooked on this cross stitch thing at the mo its so relaxing and I'm getting quite quick now.

My sand collection has finally filled that jar too ,and the colours of sand around the local surf spots was quite a surprise.