Sunday, 29 July 2012

Illustrated fabrics

I found this lovely 'mid winter' 60's casserole dish in the charity shop this week it cost me a whole £1.
yeah, I love finding things like this .They don't make em like they used to, what a groovy shape. just have to pluck up the courage now to use it.
I will be gutted if it brakes in the oven. I am a strong believer of using these old kitchen wares and not just letting them collect dust although this one may be the exception to my rule.

I have also been dyeing fabrics this week for a project in the craft book I am currently writing. This photo came out better than the fabric though, looked a bit tie dye, need a massive pot I think.
Did a bit of  illustrating on fabric too with these new fabric crayons.
I found them in a craft store the other day when looking for inks. bit of an experiment at the mo but I like the effect.

I have also started on stock for a Christmas stall on the 1st of December in Saltash .
Im helping to organise the Christmas light switch on night and have been allocated the art and craft stalls to organise so as well as drumming up crafty folk for the event I have been thinking about what to sell myself.
I have discovered allot of local art and craft folk I didn't know before so that has been really good but also a bit daunting when you see the talent out there. What an amazing pool of talent we have in Cornwall.
lots of rainy craft days I guess that coupled with the beautiful scenery round these parts and you have a potent mix.

phueeeeeeee............... did I really get up to all that in a week, bit crazy I think. but at least I'm being productive.
Now I need a cuppa and a bit of chocolate just with the thought of all that. off to raid the naughty jar and then i might actually get a chance to sit down and watch some telly.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

illustrations and 50's art inspirations

 I have just finished a series of cards to sell in a local coffee/book store in town. I was given a load of old books last year to run a Christmas workshop with and have had the left over books in my garage ever since. I think the text makes a great back ground for a picture and it fits to use them in a book shop project. They will either like them over ban me from the shop for defacing and cutting up books.
 I also borrowed a great 50's maths book from a friend this week .The art work and colours are amazing. She has the best collection of old books I have seen in ages. Good to see a fellow crafter that also hoards randomness.
Still thinking on the Rain subject mentioned in my last post. I did a crazy watercolour last night with my kids paints, think it might lead to something else not sure yet. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Fabric postcards

 I joined in on a great forum last week, stichin fingers, Its amazing to see all the wonderful things people make around the world. I have just set a challenge on the site for textile/ fabric post cards along the subject of  'RAIN' ( seems quite apt what with the summer we are having, or not having as the case may be ).
So over the next week I will be working on a piece along these lines. Will post the results and try to link the other blogs to my site so you can see what everyone else has come up with.
Here a few of my past fabric cards which have been sold or sent to loved ones.

I found this one in a charity shop, its a fabric painted card . I think  its been printed or painted on a stiff linen

This is one I made for a friend who is travelling the moment.Its a great way of using up little bits that you don't want to chuck away because something about them speaks to you or inspires you.

If you want to join in the challenge then link up and lets see what we all come up with.
Looking forward to seeing the results.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Folk art illustrations

 I have been doing more drawing and illustrating this week what with this dodgy weather.
Trying out new styles and ideas.I have come up with these as my more successful pictures.
I will print them out and get them in the shops shortly.

 This little owl was inspired by an old guy I know at the allotment called Dennis. I imagine him to be a gnarly old wise owl. He seems the oracle of wisdom and must be several hundred years old!!!!!!!
Pretty impressive, hope i'm still doing my plot when i'm his age, what a star.

Also had some interesting news this week but trying to not get too excited. I have been looking at buildings for the past year round Saltash to start an Art Craft And Environment centre. The project is called 'Saltash Creative Hub' and this week the council informed me that a suitable venue might be coming up so fingers crossed. The last card may come true for me. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

80's re- work and dolls clothes

I think I have put a curse on the Cornish cost so sorry about that to any holiday makers. After my last post going on about the great weather, the heavens opened and we are now drenched down here in Cornwall.
Days of cornish missel  ( drizzle and mist for those not in Cornwall ) have filled the weeks so I have been trying to be as productive as I can.
Lucky I have been doing my book or I may have gone bonkers by now.
Merryn did a great collage with her friend.
Although she has been off school with a chesty cough she hasn't let it stop her getting on with all those fun things kids do at 3. 
At least I have had her cheery face around to brighten my day.

Today we set about making two dresses for her two dolls 'Yorkshire and Strawberry ' ( buy the way we have never been to Yorkshire, but at least Merryn loves Strawberries)
She picked out the fabrics and trims then we talked about what she would like and I put it together for her.

I also re-worked a couple of jumpers. One had a coffee stain on that I covered with a cloud and the other jumper was one that my husband was throwing away, so I chopped the top off and added an 80's touch with some denim and white cotton.