Monday, 16 July 2012

Fabric postcards

 I joined in on a great forum last week, stichin fingers, Its amazing to see all the wonderful things people make around the world. I have just set a challenge on the site for textile/ fabric post cards along the subject of  'RAIN' ( seems quite apt what with the summer we are having, or not having as the case may be ).
So over the next week I will be working on a piece along these lines. Will post the results and try to link the other blogs to my site so you can see what everyone else has come up with.
Here a few of my past fabric cards which have been sold or sent to loved ones.

I found this one in a charity shop, its a fabric painted card . I think  its been printed or painted on a stiff linen

This is one I made for a friend who is travelling the moment.Its a great way of using up little bits that you don't want to chuck away because something about them speaks to you or inspires you.

If you want to join in the challenge then link up and lets see what we all come up with.
Looking forward to seeing the results.


Little Dotty Bird said...

ooh I'm in! I did't notice that group on stitchin fingers but I've got an idea for a rainy pic! Love your card, the mushroom ones are fab!

Woolly Soup said...

glad your in on the challenge, not sure what I will create yet waiting for that light bulb moment.

Jenny Blair said...

Hi there, discovered your lovely work through Little Dotty Bird over on etsy!Love your work and style...just gorgeous!
:)Jenny x

Woolly Soup said...

Thanks jenny, from your little tag I can see that you have something special creative wise,
Love that piece with the machine sketch on.
Its always good to get some positive feed back of fellow arts, Craft people.