Thursday, 19 July 2012

illustrations and 50's art inspirations

 I have just finished a series of cards to sell in a local coffee/book store in town. I was given a load of old books last year to run a Christmas workshop with and have had the left over books in my garage ever since. I think the text makes a great back ground for a picture and it fits to use them in a book shop project. They will either like them over ban me from the shop for defacing and cutting up books.
 I also borrowed a great 50's maths book from a friend this week .The art work and colours are amazing. She has the best collection of old books I have seen in ages. Good to see a fellow crafter that also hoards randomness.
Still thinking on the Rain subject mentioned in my last post. I did a crazy watercolour last night with my kids paints, think it might lead to something else not sure yet. 


Little Dotty Bird said...

yep a hoarder of randomness indeed! I'm equally chuffed to find fellow ecclectic arty carfty type! Loving your new cards, will have to get a print off you..number 7 I think! Will catch you in the week :)

Little Dotty Bird said...

...Are you selling the originals of the pictures on paper?

Woolly Soup said...

Hi,how are you surviving the hols ?. I'm not selling the originals at the mo just a print for now.

Little Dotty Bird said...

Pretty good so far, my folks are taking the kids tomorrow so I can get on with some sewing! yey!! Came across this website ( and thought of you and your scemes and dreams. Its in America but it looks so inspiring ..the encaustic art workshop looked fab. Catch you soon x