Tuesday, 8 December 2009

cupcakes and cornish coast

My friends little girl had a 4th birthday party the other week
and as she loves dressing up and having toy tea parties. I thought
I would make her some little cakes and a cute apron.
I had some cath kidston remnets left from some cusions ,made for one
of the shops (Adorn in saltash) .
so I used this to trim the apron and painted up a wooden box for a tray.
I was quite pleased with the end result, might make some for my shop?

A break in the weather also allowed us to have a day at the beach, my favourite place
to be in cornwall in winter.
The beaches are dead and the sea can be dramatic and beautiful this time of year.
I love going to watch the hugh swells that come with the season.
Although the sea was relativly calm the treturus walk down to boiler bay was
a tad scary.
The cliff is a sheer drop at some points and the scrabble down was very dodge but

I have also been clearing out this month ready for christmas.
I seem to hoard so much stuff it just bursts out the boxes and
litterally has broken my shelf through sheer weight.
I decided enough was enough and started putting together these "create something" packs.
I have already sold three on my etsy shop so think it was a good idea however you can guess
what the money is going on, catch 22 i think?

Sunday, 15 November 2009

cristmas card designs

After being asked by one of the shops I stock to bring in
some christmas cards instead of my usual art cards I wasn't
looking forward to the task.
Problem with christmas is that if you don't sell them quick you are stuck with the stock for the rest of the year.

I decided not to go to conventional and opted
for something a bit sketch like. This is what I have
come up with so far

What are your thoughts? constructive critics

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

from sun to soaking

Dark evenings are good for crafting, I love getting coesy with a
hot chocolate, kids peacefully dreaming as dream of my next project.
Im thankful for this inspirational / arty part of my brain when the winter approaches
refreshed from the sun of our holiday I get back to work at last.

With thoughts of our summer holiday behind us
and winter just round the corner moods have been low
in our house.
Can't seem to escape the rain and although
the garden needed it i think even the plants have had all
the water they can take.
We left mejorca in 26 degree heat to return to drizzle in cornwall
at 10 degrees, feels very chilly.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

With the start of school just round the corner thoughts of preping
my kids come to surface.
How my mum and dad managed to get us all to read and write before we started
our schooling is beyond me but with less than a year to go
I thought I better start.
I went through all the old childrens books we have round the house and made a set of alphbet cards .
I plan to tackle a letter a day till fin grasps the basics.

With two weeks off we have also been on lots of small trips out.
We took a short trip to windsor and saw the change or guard outside the castle and checked out lego land.
Can I just say how fantastic lego is, I love the stuff.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Camping Cooking Crafting

Camping is great fun, I am so lucky to have such great friends.
We went to Bude for the weekend on a last min holiday and it
was actually quite relaxing and a laugh.
Merryns first time in a tent and she was brill, a natural camper I hope.

New Shoes! here are the shoes I have been stitching whilst on
the beach camping . I have put them in my shop to
see how they do, may do more not sure.
I also made merryn another dress with an old shirt
my friend gave me. to my great de-stress the shirt was too tight
for me but made a great sun dress for merry.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Just a quick blog to share with you a few pictures
from the garden last week.
Spent a day planting and digging a new bed for the front.
Finley kept himself and merry entertained
making a shoe race with his toys
and stone collage.

On the craft front, not much happening as i have been making a prom outfit
for a customer. However Started some cute felt shoes for merry and made her a duck
motif dress.
I'll post them on the next blog.

Monday, 11 May 2009

sun sea and market stalls

What great weather we have been having lets hope
it stays all summer. Been a bit busy hence the late posting but after weeks
of frantic sewing for my wedding and my first market stall
I finally got a week free to enjoy the sun and my fantastic family.
we have been on the beach with my dad, and to Cardiff
to visit friends. The market was a success making a good profit which wasn't expected
on my first stall.

This is a quick snap shot of the goods left which I have
just finished putting on my etsy shop. From nettle and onion dye baby grows to toys
and hats there was a good variety.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and Quilts

just when I thought spring was on its way we were hit
like a snow ball to the face with this fantastic snow, brought by
a sudden cold snap.

I became ten again and with grin on face and uncontrollable giggles,
went sledging with friends.
This was Finley's first encounter with snow, bless him he thought
we had gone to the north pole, i didn't
have the heart to tell him it was only Dartmoor.
I feel I should mention these fantastic Quilts.
I have been looking at these Photos from the 2009 Tokyo quilt festival

they have given me the inspiration to do something with my stash of fabrics.
My guiltiest pleasure, all those scraps of fabric too small to make anything substantial from but too big to class as scrap.

I plan to make some quilted baby sleeping bags, aren't they fab, or am i just a bit sad.
Its a scary craft.
I could be venturing into the all be it skilled but still uncool craft of the grannies.