Sunday, 15 November 2009

cristmas card designs

After being asked by one of the shops I stock to bring in
some christmas cards instead of my usual art cards I wasn't
looking forward to the task.
Problem with christmas is that if you don't sell them quick you are stuck with the stock for the rest of the year.

I decided not to go to conventional and opted
for something a bit sketch like. This is what I have
come up with so far

What are your thoughts? constructive critics


snow white said...

Oh I think these are really cute. You have a nice style. I especially love the owl and the post box and the ones with deers in, oh and the leaves too. Will you be adding any to your shop?

Chloe Fitzjohn said...

Thanks, I wasn't that sure on the pipers. The owl one was one of my favourites to.
I wasn't going to put them in my etsy shop but now i think i will.

wood school looks fab, wish we had something like that here.