Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Always pack chocolate !

Not been doing much crafting these last few weeks. I had some less glamorous work in the form of curtains and Roman blind orders for a customer. Along with this boring sewing task I also had a disaster of a weekend.I had to rush home to see my poor mum who had ended up in hospital after a black out and fall. Whilst on route, I ended up on a train, stuck on the track, dead still for two hours whilst police buzzed around the line with ambulance men. Someone had fell on the track, in front of my train. Terrible I know..... worst thing was the train was overloaded as a London train had been cancelled and all I could think about was getting to my mum. not the poor person on the track. (how terrible am I). public transport is not what it used to be. gone are the days off a nice window and table seat when you can grab a few peaceful hours of book reading. Disaster Disaster Disaster............... Well luckily my mum is on the mend but the poor person under my train was not so fortunate. (makes me feel even worse for cursing them for being so clumsy while I was just glad I had packed some chocolate....) On the up side I finished a couple of reindeer and Betty. they have been half finished on my sewing pile for yonks and after the stress of the weekend I thought some sewing therapy was in order and these three characters came to light. Fingers crossed for a better half term week with the kids. looking forward to embrace the chaos they bring, and fun filled days.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Geometric art

I thought I would bring out my paints this week. It has been a while and if it hadn't been for my new bedroom to decorate they probably would have remained collecting dust and drying up in there tubes. I also made some broaches with that shrink dink plastic stuff. I love watching them shrink up in the over. It reminds me of my school days melting crisp packets in the oven. Hoping they would shrink evenly to make into keyrings, but often just making a mess of my mums oven and then hiding the evidence, oops sorry mum.
I have been having a laugh with merryn and fin too with these 3d glasses (that don't actually work by the way) they just make you look daft and the book that they are ment to work on never even got read . Im sure my bed times were never as much fun. maybe that's why I actually did sleep and my kids actually don't.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back on my book this week

I have finally had a chance to do a few more pages for my book this week, my dead line is out the window though at this point. I hadn't realised how busy I was going to be this winter. Fin and Merryn were happy to see themselves appear on a few pages and there art work. The Saltash Hub plans are thankfully progressing and my own Christmas stall events ( still 2 to make stock for )are fast approaching and I am helping organise the Saltash Christmas event of which I am in charge of the Art and Craft tents. Thankfully they are all running to plan but I cant squeeze another thing in. Why do I do these crazy things. What a pratt, I will be needing lots of mulled wine to get me through the festivities this year and its only October.
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