Thursday, 11 October 2012

Geometric art

I thought I would bring out my paints this week. It has been a while and if it hadn't been for my new bedroom to decorate they probably would have remained collecting dust and drying up in there tubes. I also made some broaches with that shrink dink plastic stuff. I love watching them shrink up in the over. It reminds me of my school days melting crisp packets in the oven. Hoping they would shrink evenly to make into keyrings, but often just making a mess of my mums oven and then hiding the evidence, oops sorry mum.
I have been having a laugh with merryn and fin too with these 3d glasses (that don't actually work by the way) they just make you look daft and the book that they are ment to work on never even got read . Im sure my bed times were never as much fun. maybe that's why I actually did sleep and my kids actually don't.


margaret said...

your skills with a paint brush match those with a needle, you are so talented and how you find time for all your creativity with 2 small children to produce so much, do you ever sleep these days?

Little Dotty Bird said...

wow!! those brooches are AMAZING!! Love better stick one of the sewing machine ones aside..think I got to buy me one of those! I bet they'll sell really well. I'll finish your Owl soon and pop round to see ya..maybe next week? Or you are welcome to come round here? x

Woolly Soup said...

It is true I don't sleep much although I should (beauty sleep is definitely lacking) I tend to sew and paint etc... after the kids are in bed This is when my brain kicks in and I get most of my ideas,and in the middle of the night (very bad timing )I keep a sketch book by my bedside for this very reason.