Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back on my book this week

I have finally had a chance to do a few more pages for my book this week, my dead line is out the window though at this point. I hadn't realised how busy I was going to be this winter. Fin and Merryn were happy to see themselves appear on a few pages and there art work. The Saltash Hub plans are thankfully progressing and my own Christmas stall events ( still 2 to make stock for )are fast approaching and I am helping organise the Saltash Christmas event of which I am in charge of the Art and Craft tents. Thankfully they are all running to plan but I cant squeeze another thing in. Why do I do these crazy things. What a pratt, I will be needing lots of mulled wine to get me through the festivities this year and its only October.

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margaret said...

you sound as though you are rushed off your feet, no time to get into mischief. Best of luck with the fayre and making lots of goodies for it.You make me feel very lazy, but at my age that is allowed