Monday, 28 May 2012

My new book

 We have been loving the sunny days in Cornwall, I love it here when the sun shines. Until I burn my legs with a stupid assumption that my legs never tan so they don't need cream.
How daft but I know I will just do the same thing next year. The kids have been enjoying the beaches and I have been watching my allotment come to life.
In-between beach antics and the usual sewing projects I have started on a craft book venture.
Here is a sneak peek at the cover and inside pages.
 It was great fun going through old photos with my dear dad and picking out those photos were you are in matching jumpers knitted by your nan or some crazy outfit you made as a kid. I love seeing the fashions change through time too.
The book is in sections, Kids, Home, Community and Re-worked fashion. I hope people like it and have a go at some of the projects. I went to town with this one litterally and have a fun section on town craft projects, a twist on yarn bombing and a cute project to give something back. Cant give too much away but it will be available to buy in the next few months, I'm hoping to get it out before christmas but we will see how timescales go.
It was funny looking back through all my old sketch books to gather some of my illustrations and old art work. Still looking for one computer disk though full of my art card work. I will be truely gutted if it doesn't turn up.

Friday, 11 May 2012

cross stitch, crochet and patchwork

Cornwall has to be one of the wettest places, the April showers look like to be carrying on into may. My little girl Merryn drew a picture of her dad and it sums up every ones general mood quite well.
Good likeness to her dad too I think.
I have been keeping busy as always making and Thrifting things for the shops and trying out new ideas.
here are a few things i made this month.

Found a few interesting things this month too. A skull on the beach (have no ideas what it is from so any idea let me know) And this wooden cup with a crazy handle.

I also decided to spray paint my guitar with a couple of stencils.
Spray painting is so addictive it made me want to put on a hoodie, go out in the night and paint the town.
I can see how graphitti artists get there kicks now. Imagine if you were actually a good artist with it too!
We started of customising my sons skate board. Then we went onto the spare boards, then the guitar, we ended up frantically looking for something else to spray it is so addictive.

Rabbits are doing well too. the poor things had to have injections this month but they didn't seem too traumatised.