Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow and Quilts

just when I thought spring was on its way we were hit
like a snow ball to the face with this fantastic snow, brought by
a sudden cold snap.

I became ten again and with grin on face and uncontrollable giggles,
went sledging with friends.
This was Finley's first encounter with snow, bless him he thought
we had gone to the north pole, i didn't
have the heart to tell him it was only Dartmoor.
I feel I should mention these fantastic Quilts.
I have been looking at these Photos from the 2009 Tokyo quilt festival

they have given me the inspiration to do something with my stash of fabrics.
My guiltiest pleasure, all those scraps of fabric too small to make anything substantial from but too big to class as scrap.

I plan to make some quilted baby sleeping bags, aren't they fab, or am i just a bit sad.
Its a scary craft.
I could be venturing into the all be it skilled but still uncool craft of the grannies.

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