Monday, 9 July 2012

Folk art illustrations

 I have been doing more drawing and illustrating this week what with this dodgy weather.
Trying out new styles and ideas.I have come up with these as my more successful pictures.
I will print them out and get them in the shops shortly.

 This little owl was inspired by an old guy I know at the allotment called Dennis. I imagine him to be a gnarly old wise owl. He seems the oracle of wisdom and must be several hundred years old!!!!!!!
Pretty impressive, hope i'm still doing my plot when i'm his age, what a star.

Also had some interesting news this week but trying to not get too excited. I have been looking at buildings for the past year round Saltash to start an Art Craft And Environment centre. The project is called 'Saltash Creative Hub' and this week the council informed me that a suitable venue might be coming up so fingers crossed. The last card may come true for me. I'll keep you posted.


Faith said...

I love your cards they are great, my favourite card is the "She turned her Can'ts into can dos.
Community doing crafts and textiles is really important. Im disabled with MS and deafness and my favourite place to go is always the crafts groups, everyone mucking in and doing different textiles. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you, you will do itx

Woolly Soup said...

Thanks for the positive words, love your work by the way.
I have everything crossed too I think it will be a really positive thing for the town if the council give me the chance to prove it.