Tuesday, 3 July 2012

80's re- work and dolls clothes

I think I have put a curse on the Cornish cost so sorry about that to any holiday makers. After my last post going on about the great weather, the heavens opened and we are now drenched down here in Cornwall.
Days of cornish missel  ( drizzle and mist for those not in Cornwall ) have filled the weeks so I have been trying to be as productive as I can.
Lucky I have been doing my book or I may have gone bonkers by now.
Merryn did a great collage with her friend.
Although she has been off school with a chesty cough she hasn't let it stop her getting on with all those fun things kids do at 3. 
At least I have had her cheery face around to brighten my day.

Today we set about making two dresses for her two dolls 'Yorkshire and Strawberry ' ( buy the way we have never been to Yorkshire, but at least Merryn loves Strawberries)
She picked out the fabrics and trims then we talked about what she would like and I put it together for her.

I also re-worked a couple of jumpers. One had a coffee stain on that I covered with a cloud and the other jumper was one that my husband was throwing away, so I chopped the top off and added an 80's touch with some denim and white cotton.

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