Friday, 15 June 2012

A bit of art.

 On my last post I mentioned that I had lost a disk of my art work . On it was also some pictures from my dads sketch book. I was gutted and then to make it worse when I asked my dad for his sketch book again to make a new disk up he told me they were lost. Gutted gutted gutted........

But hoooooray today I have found the said disk and made a back up copy, few dad has no other record of his work now other than this disk, it has become family gold now.

Anyway to celebrate I thought I would post some of his marvels on my blog for all to enjoy.

This one is one of my own. Its a self portrait, I made it from ripped up magazine papers. I had forgotten about it until I found it on the disk so thought I would share it. Not sure if it looks much like me but as a picture it came out pretty well.

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