Thursday, 21 August 2008

I dug out my old flower press last week and
started frantically trying to preserve some of my
lovely summer garden before the weeks of rain took its toll.
The result was this butterfly card which I was quite pleased with
I can see me doing many more.

My crochet birds are coming on and
with some brainy ideas from my other creative
pals I have started developing a label Woolly Soup.
Since I seem to have a thing for birds at the moment
I started playing around with sketches of birds for my logo.
Final result as shown above, let me know what
you folks think.

Other news, I have two weeks to go till due date, Cant explain
how excited i am, the belly now has a name (Merryn) as we have
been told it is a girl although I'm still not 100% this is correct
knowing my family history.
And Finley has decided that noddy lives in toy town
in Exeter, and that he has only just grown his nipples
(he wont believe me that they were always there) looks like
my baby brain is now a family thing not just me.
poor Merryn what is she being born into.


Mez. said...

Fantastic.....another Merryn to be in the world......

Hope all goes well. I have four (all with......"usual" names) but I wouldn't change mine for the world, even if I am a bloke!

Stay Well

Merryn Smith (Isles Of Scilly)

snow white and rose red said...

Hi Chloe,
Hope life with your new addition is treating you well.
I've tagged you, if you want a break from baby duties! Hope you can play?
Sarada xx

Chloe Fitzjohn said...

Thanks Sarada,don't know how this blog really works yet but if i figure out how to tag you guys i will, I love your recent photos the wind swept tree is a really nice image. your both so creative and have a really good eye for things

Chloe Fitzjohn said...

Hi merryn, Good name.
thanks for your comment wouldn't have thought it as a guys name but it works really well.
Four......thats scary