Monday, 27 October 2008

5th week craft craze

5 weeks on Merryn has doubled in size and has unscrumpled to this beautiful like bud, who will grow into a gorgeous little flower of a girl before I know it.
After overcoming the sleep issues that new life brings I was ready to get sewing again. In spite of the tiredness I am determined to put my thoughts into crafty reality.

My brain has been bursting with ideas many of which I'm sure wont see the light of day, but Merryn has brought out the girly side in me. Thoughts of my fashion degree have spurred me on to design little dresses for her and although its just a start I know there will be many more were this came from.

I also tried a few patterns from an old toy book I won on ebay
(Pamela Peakes, creative soft toy making ) and after a bit of modernising, some added rattles and that crispy stuff babies go crazy for in the ears, I had two cute baby toy dogs. Bones and Bramble.

There are two other patterns I have got to try next; a really funky puffin, and a mother & infant anteater. I'm sure I can revamp them. I'll post the results.

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snow white said...

I love that dress and the button is especially cute. And those dogs are lovely.