Friday, 6 August 2010

peas and soup

This week I have been making up some vintage dresses for a customer. I love the whole 60's 70's styles and prints so when she brought round these old patterns my eyes popped out.
I will be making some for myself too I think.
I love this kind of job it beats prom dresses and curtains any day.
I have made some dodge stuff in the past, you end up doing all sorts of stuff to make a bit of money.

I have also pulled my peas. its so satisfying popping the cases to reveal the little peas inside.
never thought I would love something like popping peas when I despised them so much at school.
merryn tried to help although most of hers went on the floor or flying into the other room.
She still didn't eat any though. never mind I wont push it or she might never appreciate them later.
I have also set up a second etsy shop 'Wsoup'.
This one is to sell adult clothes and jewelry , I will be screen printing , up cycling and constructing various clothes for the shop as well as bags and other accessories
Some of these vintage patterns will no doubt find there way onto the site too .
Ill keep you posted on the progress, early days still but I have stared with a few bags.

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