Sunday, 10 October 2010

weekend of surf and stiching

It was just like summer again this weekend down in Cornwall. And just when i had packed up my summer dresses and pulled out all the knitwear.
My kids have been evil though with suspected winter bugs on the way.
However a bit of sea air did the world of good for them and before i new it i was suspecting that i had been taken for a ride. realising that i am a complete sucker for them and will believe they have a deadly flu with the slightest sniffle.
My kids have obviously used this to there advantage and have had chocolate and all sorts of treats out of me by playing ill.
Do these look like sick kids..............i think not........................?

I have also started on a quilted bed cover made from all of Fins and Merry's old baby clothes. I just couldn't part with some of there less stained baby outfits so thought this would be a better solution.
Will this be completed ? only time will tell, i am feeling hopeful of this one though.

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rose red said...

your quilt looks gorgeous, cant wait to see it.
love Ambika