Tuesday, 3 April 2012

50's Block printing

 After trying to unsuccessfully win several pairs of 50's curtains this month , I finally decided to have a go at printing my own.
I had varying successes with this but after a day of paint samples and lots of failed ideas I settled on some abstract fish which proved to transfer from my drawings to the finished product well.

This is such good fun I think more people should try it. Just goes to show that you don't need any fancy printing equipment or much space to produce a bit of home grown textiles.

 The blocks are just coloured foam sheets, the sort you cut up for card making or kids foam masks.
 I drew my designs on, cut them out with a craft knife, and supper glued them onto a bit of wood from a pallet.
The paint is just wall paint which as you know will never wash off fabric if you have ever ruined a pair of jeans whilst painting.
The paint dried a little stiff but for upholstery fabrics this is fine, if I was going to make fabric for clothes I would use fabric paint.
I think the stiffness will wash out too so overall I'm quite happy.
The finished fabric 
 I also won these plates which I will hang on my wall. I love these flamingos, although the plate was allot smaller than I had realised.

I also love the homemaker print plates at the moment, think I will try to collect a few more pieces

Peter and Jack have been enjoying the sun we have been having this month . Peter has found a favourite spot under the chimney and Jack is getting fat on my herbs, even though they both have no front teeth they can munch there way through a favourite plant pretty well. may have to build a run.

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