Friday, 3 August 2012

Rabbit in boots

I put in my completed business plan today for the 'Saltash Creative Hub' which is the Arts Craft and Environment centre I am hopefully going to be running as mentioned in my last post.
What a nightmare that was getting finished. Lots of crazy stats like how many biscuits you sell in a year and how much cake may be eaten ( it turns out there is good money in biscuits you know ).
Now I can relax for a while anyway.
We are having some building work done to the house in the next two weeks so I am escaping to my parents in Somerset for the build.
Looking forward to the brake, just hope the kids behave I think they will be ok but we will miss there dad who is staying back to help the builders.

I have also finished my experiments with the fabric crayons I bought last week. I have been making stock for a Christmas stall and possible stock for the Hub.

I have made a selection of pin badges and a few toys along with a couple of house play cushions.
I like my rabbit in yellow boots, think I will do a few more of these.


Little Dotty Bird said...

fabulous work! Those fabric crayons are really effective..might have to get me some of those! Can't wait to find out about your art hub..really hope you get the go ahead, it would be so exciting :) See ya soon bird x

Woolly Soup said...

Thanks, fingers crossed ill keep you posted. how is your stock making going? finding it tricky with the kids off, I am. Hopefully we will have enough. catch you after the build don't worry your book is in a safe place away from the messy builders. see you soon x