Monday, 5 November 2012

Origami Street art.

Finished a few more toys last night. I'm slowly getting through my stall stock whilst doing other sewing work. I seem to have lots of orders to get through at the worst time. There are rolls of fabric in my bedroom now as I am out of space in the sewing room. Its great being busy with work but the timing is bad. I have to learn to say no to things. I think that word has been over used with the kids lately and under used with my work life, the balance is all off........ I have also realised that I am becoming a bit obsessed with origami. I finished a cushion for my room and put my painting up today. I think this is the root of my current issue. Although origami infuriates me when I cant figure out the next part of a fold from a diagram (I often loose sleep over it when this happens),it is so fascinating to me and I really want to do a project with it. What I'm not sure yet...
However,whilst skiving from my house duties I also came across this brilliant street artist. Also a bit obsessed with origami.
I did a guerilla street art attack last summer. I put a fabric flock of birds in a tree at the local park. Its funny sitting on a bench near the scene and watching the reactions from passers by. I might try an origami something next to brighten up the winter months. I'll let you know if the idea goes anywhere.
Well I better stop blogging and actually get on with something now.... a cup of tea is in order I think, happy fireworks night, hope you all have a safe loud and fun fireworks display to go to, bye for now x


Little Dotty Bird said...

ooh, I like your little owl folk! I'm just in the midst of sewin a dozen Owl door hanger and a few muvj little time!! I love that you put birds in the trees..that sounds like fun! The origami street art is rather fab too! Take care and I'll catcha soon xx (ps I haven't forgotton about your little lady's owl hanger and you hoop art..they will be on their way to you soon!!)

margaret said...

you are rushed off your feet, like you said you must learn to say no.Love the cushion and your bed covers. Tomorrow I am doing origami at the local craft group, someone is coming to show us folded paper flowers, should be fun.
Love the bids in the trees