Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sketching for print

Happy Easter......I have been sketching today. These butterflies were the product of a lazy afternoon with my little Merryn sat in the conservatory with pens and paper and these lazy holiday days. Merryn drew a great pig in shoes and a lipstick with the words 'get a pig ' written all over, pearls of wisdom for you. She has just started to write and also likes spelling swopper dad on all my sketch books. Don't know what this means but Merryn finds it hilarious.
This one was a butterfly too but it looks more like a green fly.....not quite so pretty.
I'm going to print these after the Easter holiday when I'm back at uni. I cant wait...I have missed my messy uni nights in the print room. I plan to print fabrics and my own wallpaper designs once back so I'll take some photos and show you how I get on. I have been using my facebook page more and more recently so I thought I would add it to this post. If you want to have a nose at my day to day work then please come and say hello on my facebook page. I try to do regular give away events too so you might end up coming away with a freebee. Well buy for now, I hope you all have a fab Easter x x xx xxx


Toni Thorn said...

I think your sketches are beautiful and the prints even more so! Well done x

woolly soup said...

Thanks toni x