Friday, 26 February 2010

A bit of inspiration

I found myself going through some old sketch books of mine, I'm glad i did keep them
after all.
They nearly went out in the trash on a recent clear out.
You can't keep every idea you ever had, you would need a whole library.
I have two projects on my mind at the moment.
I want to make some adult size summer dresses for the shop
and i want to get back to this kids book idea i had last summer.
The clothes were the reason for going back through my old sketch books
and the kids story book is the reason for the next picture.
aren't the illustrations great.
They came out of the book "The Opposite" by Tom Macrae and Elena Odriozola.
If my books illustrations are half as good I will be happy.
The plan so far is to use finleys pictures as inspiration.
He keeps drawing these funny creatures which he calls Flum Flums.
and apparently they like socks.
Lets see were this crazy plan takes me.

And look were i found Merry whilst going through this inspirational burst.
I thought she had been quiet, i looked round and she had gone into the kitchen.
So after following her through discovered her at the sink ( which was full )
She had put loads of things in dish water.
Look at the guilt on her face!

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