Sunday, 7 February 2010

wonderful wales

We have just come back from wales and soaked ourselves in the culture and art of all things Celtic. visited an old roman baths and amphitheatre and stopped in Cardiff museum to look at the dinosaurs.
The museum is the one things i miss the most about living in Cardiff. it is massive, amazing and inspirational and all for free. I pretty much lived in there whilst on my degree.
After refreshing my senses in wales It was back to Cornwall.
I did start on some stock and made a few kids clothes then went into
my bleak winter beaten garden to look for signs of green life.

Not much green but plenty of brown sludge and dead stuff, what a state.
I pulled up the last of the vegetables and thought about this years crop, fancy doing some interesting veg this time like pink beans and purple carrots.

There is nothing like a veg patch stew to warm the cockles.


thelittledeer said...

hi there,
My name is jade golding and i work in Forty Five in Plymouth where we sell some of your lovely items. I was wondering if you are open to custom drawings?
I love the cards you make and i was thinking it would be really nice to get a persoanlised simple drawing of me and a friend for valentines day.
Please get back to me and let me know if you could so this and if so, how much you charge. My email is

thanks so much,

Chloe Fitzjohn said...

Hi jade glad you like my work.
I am quite happy to do custom jobs but im afraid its too late for valentines, should have checked my blog earlier sorry.
If you would still like a custom job, i will be happy to do this.
I charge £10.00 an hour it would probably take about two hours.