Wednesday, 26 September 2012

50's inspired paper cut experiments

OK I no this is no Rob Ryan but my first attempt at a paper cut was a good
learning experience. I know its a bit on the wonky and the fabric underneath may fray but as a first I was quite happy.I took the inspiration from that 50's maths book I borrowed from a friend ( see old post ) and I knew It would come in handy.
That day of mind numbing scanning action eventually paid off ( I think ! )
 I have also been trying a few more collage and stitched pictures, With varying success.

well that's it for the moment I have agreed to do a last minuet  stall this weekend with a friend, so I will be all guns blazing on Friday ( my last day before the stall without a Merryn to entertain.) Lets see were the blind panic leads me..................

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Little Dotty Bird said...

love it!! lovely to see where rthe inspiration took you! I'm sewing like a mad woman too today..waaahhh must get off computer! x