Monday, 3 December 2012

Saltash craft fair photos

Few...... what a relief that is over. I have suffered many long and late nights on this venture. Me and the Frost team pulled it off though and with a few hick ups the whole event went really well. The Craft tent ( Were I came in ) was also a great success with a few lessons learnt along the way and the realisation that it is actually very very very cold and muddy and to spend a whole day 9-7 out in a tent is not a great joy unless you have wellys and a flask of hot tea ( off which I had neither ) First lesson learnt........ If you want to see more photos follow this link to the Cornwall photo gallery were Wayne and Jo Warburton did an amazing job of capturing the whole event in glorious and beautiful photography..... they are very talented and very friendly people and cant thank them enough for there pics.


margaret said...

just popped over to see the slide show, so many great stalls and yours looked wonderful. Lots of people turned up for the fair and most of them looked very cold, I can imagine hoe cold you were. I worked at a stitching show in dec one year at Malvern which was in a massive big hall with hardly any heating, never again!

Little Dotty Bird said...

hi bird, I've updated my blog post since you last saw it as I was annoyed at myself for being such a grumble bum! Please forgive me... :) I'm not usually such a grumper! xxx