Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Winter bug, Film fest, stitching overdose

I have been messing around with my photos for etsy this week. I was trying to find a more interesting way of displaying my stock. These two are quite simple but effective I think. I need to update my IT knowledge so this is a good way to start. I have run into IT issues with my book and with Photoshop now so next year I pledge to become a computer wizz and wow my husband (who is very IT geek) with my new knowledge (well that's the plan). I also made this doll for a friends little girl. I altered a pattern from a favourite book Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang. I added a chicken and an apron to the design and made the doll a tad larger and gave her a slightly bigger heart head.
I forgot to post this little giraffe last time too. she is very sweet, but to my daughters dispare, she sold at my Christmas stall. I had said that if she didn't sell Merryn could have her. I will have to make another one now ,I know it. Merryn will not stop reminding me about the giraffe (Pester power is my greatest weakness with the kids) I'm too soft but they know just how to turn on the sad/cute faces at the right times.
Finally I have been going cuckoo this past few weeks. The winter bugs have hit our house hold, and with my back playing up, me and the kids have been stuck round the house. Poor fin was worst hit with a bad cold and was sofa bound for the last few days. He missed his school disco and Merryn looks like she may miss her Christmas party too. What with my back being how it is, I have had to resort to some cross stitch on the sofa and a Christmas/Disney film fest. Several days of sewing has produced a few Christmas bits and the fabric reefs I made for the Craft tent have found root in the house. Hopefully if my brain hasn't melted away by next year with sick kid and Film overdose I will try to post one last time before New year. If not have a merry one and enjoy the Friends and family around you (and the booze, chocs and cheese).
Happy Christmas and New Year x x x


margaret said...

lots to see on your blog today, love the doll and giraffe.
Hope you are all feeling better now and the children have a wonderful time at Christmas.

Little Dotty Bird said...

I loved that Giraffe too! So you may have to make another for me too! ....pleeeeease! Sorry to hear youve been ill :( I love your photo editing, its so effective. also....I LOVE that dool with the little chicken...sooo cute! You creative genius girl you! xxx