Saturday, 30 March 2013

Magazine work

When I last posted in December I did not think it would be March that I posted again, so sorry about that. I haven't been on one long hangover recovering from Christmas, but preoccupied with some private work I was given in Jan. I have been working on some art work for a magazine and I also had to do an illustrated map of Crown Hill in Plymouth and a couple of workshops with some forces families kids in a local school. All this is very exciting but unfortunatly It meant I forgot about blogging. I have put a couple of the kids illustrations up and a snap shot of the artwork for the map and magazine i did . The forces families chlidren were so great and such a nice bunch of kids, Makes you realise how hard some families have it. I hope there Dads and Mums come home safe and get to see the fab work there children have done. My focus is now back though after the projects end, so I am now ready to get back to my random designs and kids wear collection for 2013. As usual I have bags of my head.......... not yet on paper. lucky my brain is pretty empty and lots of room for these ideas to rattle about and grow (I should have been blond, i most deffinatly have bimbo genes that raise there ugly head every now and then, but such is life...... ) any how my belly is calling out for food so i better get the tea on. bye for now x


margaret said...

god to have you back in blog land.
The kids have certainly been creative, must be very rewarding to work with them and have them produce work like this.

Little Dotty Bird said...

hello there! Your magazine looked fab you clever thing you! and its much better to have a half empty head with ideas rattling around than a boring one stuffed to the brim! he he! see ya tomorrow x