Wednesday, 17 April 2013

pinboard post

l We have been making the most of the few spring flowers this easter holiday. me and merrryn had a lovely day hedgerow rummaging and feather finding while fin was skateboarding with his dad. She got a flower press for a gift and i thought some kids portrait work would be interesting. After sketching the kids on some plastic sheeting we sandwiched the best dried flowers between two sheets of glass and let the sun light shine through to finish the picture. ......mmmmmm what else have i been doing........ I found some great mirrors and a few more coffee pots at the charity shop. I love charity shops, such randomness put next to each other on the shelves, and the strangest clothes and book choices, merryn also found a nest which is next to owls on my shelf now. I also thought I would start taking pictures of my two inspiration spots in my house. one is a proper pin board in the work space and the second point of musing is in my kitchen. I have this funny spot next to my tea cupboard were i randomly stuff postcards.I love having a nose at other peoples houses so thought this might be interesting. Or not .... even if the images don't do much for you, you have to be impressed at how much stuff I can cram in this little nook. And due to the wonder of my cooking and lack of dusting, the build up of grease and grime there makes a brilliant glue....... Such a random post this week. Its making me laugh reading it back. Well there we have it my random easter holiday and pinboard post......... I will try to not be so all over the place next time. Hope you all have a good back to normal week and rest from the holiday madness. Im going to eat my last egg now with a tea. Cadbury cream egg one, Saving the best till last.....x

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margaret said...

I am fascinated with the drawing and petals you have done, what a lovely piece.A busy blog form you this time full of interesting bits and pieces.