Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mouse Hole Harbour Art

I found this great bit of drift wood on the beach the other day and after drying it off in the conservatory I decided to use it on a soft sculpture art piece. I have been dabbling with the idea of selling some of my art work and this might be the first bit to go to a gallery and take the plundge into the cornish art scene. I adapted a pattern from Abigail Glassenbergs book (The artful bird)for the base of my wader bird. I altered the wren pattern to make this little chap. Stretched out the legs and beak and cut new wing and tail shapes and moved the leg position and neck. These waders were every where in mouse hole harbour last week and I love there funny proportions. well I hope you all have a good week and ill hopefully post again soon. I am always posting on my face book pages so please have a look there if you have a spare 5 mins, bye x


margaret said...

two very nice birds and yes get them into a shop as they will fly off the shelf and I am sure more orders will pour in, mind you if I had made them I would not want to part with either of them

Woolly Soup said...

thanks margaret, I am on the hunt for a gallery to sell my picture from just have to find the right one now and get a little bravery