Monday, 14 October 2013

Mouse Hole Mouse

I have had a busy couple of weeks. I finished my Gannet soft sculpture for my art label and my mouse hole mouse toy. I started this little mouse after my visit to Mouse Hole in Cornwall whilst away one weekend in the caravan. I found a sock and a hankie washed up on the beach and as I cant resist a bit of found texile treasure I had to sneek them into my pockets with much ridicule from the family. It had to be a mouse, being found at mouse hole and this was the finished article. (don't worry they were very well washed). I have also started on my Christmas stall stock. I wasn't planning on doing any this year but here I am with three fairs lined up for Christmas.......which I know I will stress about.........and be last minute larry again. It is all for a good cause though, My studio shed fund for the allotment. I'll be there soon i'm sure. I just have to keep my mits out the savings jar on top of my cupboard. I still have a way to go but my little allotment studio will be in place soon, Half way there now so maybe it will be done for Christmas with the help of the extra cash from those last minute stalls.
Cup of tea anyone......

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