Monday, 18 November 2013

Bird soft sculptures

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog for yonks. I have been really busy making lots of soft sculptures. I have been accepted in the Kaya Gallery on the Barbican in Plymouth so all my time has gone to my new art venture, Have a look at my new page if you have five minuets( I have only been making these boxed Cornish bird sculpture for a couple of months but I have sold two big boxed pieces now and several single birds. Isn't it funny how somethings just take off and you hadn't even imagined that it would take you down that road. I have also signed up to a print making course for January at the university, can't wait it will be loads of fun. What else has been going on......mmmmm......We also acquired a new member of the house last month. A little kitten now named Holly by the kids. She found us in the recent storms and we took her in for the night then put posters up, told the pet shops and vets that we had found this kitten and we went knocking at doors round the area. So far no one has phoned or come forward and its been 4 weeks now. I think she will be staying (although my other half is not impressed). She is very sweet but likes my bird sculptures a bit too much, I will have to watch her.

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