Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy New Year and Hand painted Toys

Happy New Year everyone. I hope Santa was kind to you and you had a good holiday. I had a crazy time. full of friends and family staying over and lots of cooking and eating. Now my Diet starts and exercise. I just had a green smoothie for lunch and I have to say although it was tasty I am already hungry. There is still a pile of cheese left in the fridge and every time I open the door I am having to battle the will power is bad, don't know how much longer I can resist its charms.......may have to have a cheese binge tonight just to get rid of the temptation. Holly our adopted cat has settled in and has been dropping cat food sachets on my head at night time (usually 4 in the morning)and waking me up with a beef smell and a plop to the fore would be quite funny and cute if I wasn't so out of it at that time of night. I have started back on my painted dolls this month. I took a pile of stock into one of my new stockist " The Shop That Popped Up ". As you may have guest its a pop up shop in Liskeard and I don't know for how long it will be there but its a great shop. They are trying to bring a bit of modern craft down this way and its full of brilliant local designers making things that are different to the normal for Cornwall. I love it and my dolls have been selling well so far so hopefully it will be open for a while.
My Bird Folk Dolls are still in production and I'm still loving designing them so I think they will carry on into this year. This one sold while I was still in the shop, she had only been out five minuets while I was having a good old gossip.

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