Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Late start

OK, First i have to apologise "sorry" for such a long absence in my blogging. I have been having blogger issues with internet explorer but thankfully I have a very geeky husband who has fixed the issues.  They were not "picnic" I am relieved to find out ( problem in chair not in computer ) as he would say, but with IE.

He has threatened to start his own blog called living with a blog geek now!

I have been doodling in a new sketch book which is always hard to get the first committed marks on the crisp white pages. I have been putting it off as I was quite attached to my old one but its bulging size was getting stupid and i could not stick another thing onto it, in it or whatever, it was totally maxed out.

So here i am in the virgin pages wondering what it will be like at the end of the year.
Merryn has finally reach the age of preschool so i now have a whole day free to myself and at the moment the excitement of it has stopped the constructiveness. i am so used to snatching time here and there for my various design exploits that i am a bit lost with a whole day.
 I have started looking at bigger ventures and have started designing adult clothing  along side my kids range which i have been longing to get back to since finishing my fashion degree.
 Anyway i will leave you with a few snap shots for now and hopefully have a few fashion sketches done for the next post.

how cute, these two photos are for my friend Eileen, I'm looking after her boys jack and peter while she gallivants off around the world travelling.
They are loving listening to my old crackling radio and the rain on the conservatory roof. they are house trained little dudes and are very sweet.
jack is the one with the cool beard he also has a big frilly bum, a very camp bunny. Peter is more of a dog and loves sitting on the sofa with us of an evening and is getting good at parkour.
miss you Eileen , hope the travelling is all you expected see you soon x.

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