Saturday, 11 February 2012

New Season Sketch book / Mood boards

 I thought I would put down some of my new ventures/ ideas/ projects. As i mentioned in the last blog I have started on my new sketch book for my clothes. I have decided to go long and big this time. I have always had handbag size books for portability but my wonderful sister made me this great carry cover for an A3 pad so i am using it length ways so that my fashion sketches double up as mood boards as well. i can hang it up let the pad drop down and reveal my thought pattern as a mood board. It also means i can carry it to my various suppliers and have a mini presentation to hand when selling my new season range.

Other random stuff this month, I found this tray for 50p in town today.

My new bedspread is underway for my bedroom. And my mushrooms have finally started to grow.

Jack and peter are still happy bunnies, enjoying the warm evening sun on the conservatory sofa.

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