Friday, 10 May 2013

sketch book ponderings

Hi, thought I would put in a last minute post tonight. My other half is out on the town with his mates so This is the perfect opportunistic chance to grad his very swanky posh laptop and to while away a few hours on the net, starting with my blog. I have been going through one of my many random sketch books today. I pulled out some of my original sketches that were made into art cards and sold in the shops in the last year or so. since I have been mostly sewing funny character toys of late I fancied a bit of a change and poke about in my books memory banks. some ideas made it to the shops others were taped in the book for a rainy day such as this one. Well I think they need to come out and earn there keep in my precious scrap books. I have started framing them up and putting them on my etsy site for sale so if you have spotted a sketch you like either from one of my art cards in a shop or on my random blog musing then now is the time to grad one. I would love to put them in a proper exhibition one day but as they are so very random in context colour and thought i wouldn't even know were to start in grouping them into some kind of display altogether. well a cuppa is calling and i made a cake today. It's not too great i'm afraid to admit, so as no one else in the family is too impressed i have this massive cake to get through. A slice with a brew is a good place to start.......bring on the calories..........whoop whoop yum yum...... I would post a photo of the said cake but it really doesn't look to fab either so i'll leave that to your imaginations, its bound to be better x x x


Little Dotty Bird said...

♥♥♥LOVE lOvE LoVe♥♥♥ your illustrations! I love digging through my sketchbook for ideas too! fab work x

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

oooh I would swipe up that little yellow girl in pic given half a chance have you sold it yet??
Daisy j x

woolly soup said...

Sorry that one has gone now. Glad you Like her. Never know with some of my sketches if they will be popular or not. Often its the ones you dont expect.