Thursday, 23 May 2013

Stitched illustrations and mini worlds

I had a really great day with my dear dad on monday. we took merryn to kingsand to have a pootle round. Im currently collecting photos of some of the local cornish cottages to paint. put i want ugly wonky ones not picture box ones. amongst the traditional ones there is always a less glam one, grammed into a space that shouldn't really have gone there looking all odd and nobbly these are the ugly ones that i love the most and i have strated painting up a few of the more bizzare ones. We had a great day and explore and poor merryns legs were nearly dropping off by the time we got home. I have also been busy framing up some more of my stitched illustration work to sell. I have a busy summer of stalls and fairs ahead and thought I might mix my pictures in with my usual toys and kids clothes. allot of them would be great in a childs room so they kind of go together I think. I started making little worlds inside frames too, inspired by my very fab sister who is currently making dioramas in books, (365 project, Amy Morse) well better get back to making an occupant for the box, think it may be a fox, (just because it rhymes). I might do an interesting container next something you wouldn't expect like a marg tub or some other random think....... well hey ho for now enjoy the some what weird summer and get out and explore. if you find an ugly cottage let me know..... bye... x


margaret said...

how lovely to spend a day with your Dad, have not had mine around since 1984 and still miss him like mad.

You have been busy getting ready for all the summer fairs best of luck I am sure you will do well and will then have to start again for next year!

woolly soup said...

Ahhh. Thats so sad, my dad is a very special one too. Thanks for the well wishing. I think the weather is going to be my biggest challenge.