Monday, 10 June 2013

Meet Mrs Pom Pom

Merryn named my new doll design Mrs Pom Pom. I think its a funny name, only a 4 year old could think off. I wanted to paint a doll that i could dress is couture outfits and this is the end result. I have also had a go at sock monkeys these last two weeks, I do feel as though i'm cheating a bit they are so simple to make and i like making my own patterns generally, I like how wonky they turn out though and no matter what you do they always look like drag queens or circus performers. Something a bit exciting last week......I was invited to be one of 'Fab Little Shops' guest desiners so i sent of a few of my design to be included in there online store so keep your eyes peeled for Mr fox, White Rabbit ,Little red and a few other characters hitting the stores soon.....very exciting......heres wishing them well and to (fingers crossed)a bit of free publicity. wooooo hoooo, yipiddy do dah... and a high five ...... best not get too excited or wont sleep,bye for now x x x


margaret said...

you have some lovely characters here, wondered where you had been as not seen you blogging, now I know more wonderful creations, especially like Mrs Pom Pom and congrats on getting your designs into the outlet, best of luck with sales.

Woolly Soup said...

thanks margaret, glad you like Mrs Pom Pom. I think she will be one of my favourites.