Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bird Folk

My bird folk have been coming along, just need to stuff them and make there suits. I have never made a suit jacket this small before so if the next photo of them they are dresses in skirts you will know that it all went wrong. I have got a big craft event coming up at the Cowslip Workshops soon so need to sort out my dwindling stock time.....ahhhh.... there may be more props than stock at this one. I have two weeks till the stall so hopefully I can get something together. I am sharing with two artists this time Dotty Bird and a ceramics artist called sue (just met her today,so im afraid i dont have any blog or web links for her yet) Sue makes beautiful porceline vases which are very minimalist and tactile. She is going to make me some ceramic doll arms for a range of linen dolls I am working on. On a more boring note can i just say that my garden is looking pretty lush and green,I do love sitting out there watching the bugs and bees pass the day away while I sip my tea. sorry if this is rather dull but thought i would share my ecium plant with you.
He is a monster of a plant and what with two wet and cold winters i didnt think he would flower this year at all ( they throw a big spike of flowers up in a tower but only every two year )he is very spiky but very cool and tropical looking . My girls are almost lost amoungst the plant beds this year but I think the girls prefer the shade and cover I just cant find them. keep thinking they have gone into next door. I rummage round looking for them at bedtime, have a few stress moments in a flap then hear mrs goggins quacking at me. I then emerge from the bushes with twigs leaves and spiders attached, (looking very scary this time of night as it is, what with smudge makeup and tired eyes so spiders is taking the biscuit) Mrs goggins just stares at me like im a loon, and waddels off...... Well wish me luck at the Cowslip stall and ill update some photos of the event next post, bye for now

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Little Dotty Bird said...

LOVE those bird folk! and don't talk to me about stock...I HAVE NONE!!! WAAAAAAH indeed...well atleast there are 3 of'll be fine...we'll all be fine...fine I tell you WAAAAAHHHHHHHH to make some more nests now xxx