Thursday, 4 July 2013

facebook and pintrest obsession ahhhh help

Since my very talented friend Dotty Bird started me off on facebook I have become a total nerd. It is sooooooo addictive. and pinterest has become even more of an addiction. ahhhhhhhh......must get help. Although its good to be a bit computer savey I have been a bit antisocial to say the least in the evenings. Should be sewing and chatting not stuck on the computer. Merryn will be off to big school in september ( boo hoo ) I shall miss her cheery chatter in the day but lets hope I use my new found freedom more productivly than my evenings. I have also ( inbetween school runs and toddler entertaining ) been having a go at some art. I have always been quite handy with paint and canvas so thought my drawing skills should have a moments light in my sewing crafting world. Its been quite refreshing painting again and although its only small sketches of birds at the mo I have purchased a new canvas in hope that i spill onto that at some point.
well toodle loo for now I shall get back to my radio and tea and paint and mess. Hope you have a sunny weekend x

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margaret said...

I can see you are very skilled with the paintbrush, you must show us all you paint as they are so very good.
Afraid I do not do facebook, have a page but never use it and pinterest does not seem to want me as whenever I have tried to open account it gets so far then stops. To be honest as you say the computer can take over and the stitching gets neglected. I do my blogging first thing in the mornig as I am usually awake by 5am not through choice mind you