Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A few more bird folk and the Flat loads

I finished a few more bird folk designs this week for the shops and summer fair onslaught this year. My next stand/fair will be Cowslip workshops summer fair/openday (Launceston,Cornwall)on 20th july so pop along and say hello if you can. I spent the sunny weekend down on the beach. I have to say that when the sun shines down in Cornwall I dont think I would want to be anywhere else in the world.
I love were I live and with the wild flowers spilling out the hedgerows and the blue sky You can see why painters and artists alike base themselves down here. I visited Flat Load which is just outside Redruth and took 195 photos on the camera.....even that is excessive for me.......the norm is about 50 a trip out ( which is still accessive I admit it ) Flat load is field after field of wild flower meadow with old mine chimneys and victorian workhouse buildings slowly being consumed by time back into the ground. I wont bore you with too many of the photos but here are a few of the best ones. mmmmmmmm.........I feel a painting coming on. I think that new canves will be Flat Load inspired now not Bird folk led.........MMMMMM....we'll see it will probably sit there a few more weeks-months before I touch it. anyway.......back to the flat load pics.
Wow, sorry about that. Got carried away, I could see myself putting all 195 photos up, yawn yawn....sorry. Well as you can see its very beautyful and worth a vist if you need a little inspiration, great for mini beast/bug hunting too with the kids. well I hope I haven't sent you to sleep with this post it is quite a long one. Take care and enjoy the sun x


margaret said...

your bird folk really are wonderful, such fun and love the bird nest hat.

Great photos I can see why Cornwall is a great place to be, certainly beats Leeds!!

margaret said...

sorry meant to say best of luck at the fair, I am sure you will do well,

woolly soup said...

Thanks margaret, when it rains it pours down here though at least your flood free up there. hope your daughter's move went well