Monday, 22 July 2013

Cowslip summer fair pics

We had a great day at the Cowslip summer fair on saturday. It was a really sunny day thanks to the heat wave we are currently in and I got a free gander at the great british bake off demo being filmed there. Not a great one for takings although loads of people asked if I took card (might have to look into this, Pant's, really don't want to pay out for a machine though). I think if I had one sales would have been good or if cheques were still being used. I also met some really great people and possible new ventures could spring from this fair, great for networking. Anyway enough random business thinkings and here are a few more pics.
And here is our "Fox and Finch" collaberation with dotty Bird and Sue Newell(Dotty bird being one of my fox and finch girls,the other missing person was Sue Newell who sadly couldn't make it) Dotty bird was sporting her fab mad hatter hair piece and I had my swan contribution.
Just need to Say a Thankyou to John Goodchild ( the rag rug guy ) he kindly gave me some of his cheese buiscuits. I left my lunch in the fridge at home so his buiscuits saved me from dying of starvation along with Dotty Birds tangerine. I survived....yeah.... Thanks Guys.

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melissa said...

Looks like an amazing market, the hand made One day I'd like to come over to see all the great stuff the Brits make.