Monday, 17 June 2013

Mrs Pompom now has a pom pom.......oh la lah

Mrs Pompom now has a pom pom and a box. I think boxing my hand painted dolls are the way to go. I got in a total mess though glued everything to everything and we now have no cardboard boxes in our cupboards as I stole all the packaging round the house to figure out how to make these boxes. Got told off because i used up Adams brown parcel paper roll.......never mind its all in the name of handmade and recycling. I was very happy last week to recieve this great butterfly broach off the fab Dotty Bird and also my little duck art work from jenny Blair. Both blogs are on my list so have a look. I would just do that funny link think on there names but not sure what im doing so you will have to scroll down the lists ( sorry im such an IT fluffer ). Im sure that one day i will have mastered the whole internet think .... some day.......ahhhhhh.......yes it will happen.


Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Hello from a new fan...
and thank you for finding me (via Lisa Dotty Bird!)cos now i have found you too!
Simply adoring your hand painted dolls...too
Am now off to read some more of your blog....I love it when that happens, like finding a really good new magazine......bestest to you and yours
daisy j x

margaret said...

love the pom pom, the doll is looking so cute with it